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Meeting of hearts

December 03, 2017


"Meeting of Hearts is abeautiful album promoting cross-religious and inter-cultural understanding. It's wellworth alisten for anyone interested in music from the region and, indeed, anyone wishing to hear what happens when you break down barriers"
Tom Newell, Songlines Magazine.

The influence of Sufi thought on outstanding poets of the Spanish tradition, and the deep marks it left onJewish cultural history inspired Yinon Muallem to create Meeting of Hearts. Meeting of Hearts, takes audience to a deep, historical and spiritualjourney of Sufism from the Golden Era in the Southern Spain to the land of great Sufi poet Yunus Emre, Anatolia. In thisjourney, the forgotten words as old as 8th century are revealed, and the sound of Sufism is reinvented through Yinon Muallem's compositions with shimmering and mystical melodies.

Meeting of Hearts profoundly displays the unities shared by Muslim and Jewish mystics on life and man's relationship to God, with the aim of bringing the message of peace and tolerance through a strong sensual and spiritual experience.

With Meeting of Hearts,Muallem continues his musicaljourney to reach avast place where music can freely exist, crossing the geographical, ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries.

Back Home

December 31, 2017

Yinon Muallem Quintet-- Back Home

Yinon Muallem after having been immersed in the Middle Eastern musical forms, `maqam` music of the Ottoman times, and the classical Jewish music of his own roots, is setting a new destination in his musical career by combining all that he has accumulated in his luggage with Jazz, creating an ethno Jazz project, Back Home.

`Back Home` is the initial project of Yinon Muallem Quintet in which Muallem tries to stay optimistic in an unpromising geography, the Middle East, within the dim light for peace. With his ability to tell stories with his music, about the world he lives in, he shares an array of feelings, feelings of warmth, strength along with sadness and frustration.  Within Back Home, there is also a cover of the well-known Lou Reed song `Perfect Day` that he used to admire in his youth.

Within Yinon Muallem Quintet, Muallem is diverging from his solid percussion master role and embarking on oud as his lead instrument, along with vocal and percussion.

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Ta Ki Dum

June 27, 2018

TaKiDum is a colorful and energetic rhythm group created by multi percussionist and oudist, Yinon Muallem. Basist Hakan Gürbüz contributes as well with his unique vocal and darbuka virtuoso İsmail Altunbas completes the trio with his outstanding percussion abilities.


TaKiDum trio takes us to a rhythmic journey to reach the sound of rhythm, live and moving, touching souls and activating all senses. The music created enables the listeners being part of the music immediately and start contributing on spot in live performances.



Yinon wrote new original pieces for this trio and Ismail Altunbas contributed with 2 of his compositions. Together the trio explores new melodies and rhythms and challenges the musical boundaries with complex compositions and rhythmic patterns. 

" Irresistibly percussive stuff for table-tappers everywhere "

  Tom Newell, Songlines, Sep. 2018

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