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It's spring in Stockholm:)

Hello Friends,

After twenty years of life in Istanbul i moved with my family to Stockholm, Sweden.

If you would tell me few years ago that i would live in Scandinavia i would lough.

I'm a mediterranean person. grew up in Israel and then decided to make a musical journey to Istanbul, where i found my love and partner to life, where i composed a lot of music and released 11 albums, where i had the pleasure to meet and share the stage with many great Turkish musicians. In all those years i kept my strong connection with my home country Israel. Every few months i would go for visit's and concerts and along the years i had the chance to connect between Israeli and Turkish musicians in several concerts both in Israel and turkey.

Now i start from the beginning a new journey in a completely different geographical

and cultural environment. Dilek and me decided to take the challenge considering a wider perspective of life values that are connected also to the future of our child's and the political atmosphere in Turkey.

Now we need to take a breath, learn to be patient and reinvent our selfs in our new location. Hopefully everything, including all the challenges and difficulties will worth all the adjustments and scarification we did.

Stockholm is a beautiful city and it's even more beautiful when the weather is nice and the sun is out.

In my next post i'm gonna focus more about the music and my coming projects.

You are most welcome to write to me, ask question you want and generally and keep in touch.

All the best to you.


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אלדר ברקוביץ
אלדר ברקוביץ
May 27, 2022

Good luck my friend in the new journey🍷

Yinon Muallem
Yinon Muallem
May 27, 2022
Replying to

תודה אלדר 🙏

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