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2gether album cover

"2gether" is the collaborative effort of Yinon Muallem and clarinet virtuoso Saman Alias. The two first crossed paths in Stockholm, where they struck up an instant friendship and discovered a shared musical language rooted in their heritage as Iraqi Jews. Inspired by this connection, they began composing, recording, and touring together. In March 2024, they unveiled their debut album, "2gether". Drawing from their original compositions, the album seamlessly blends oriental Maqam music with jazz, garnering praise from critics worldwide.

“Yinon Muallem has created an equally exciting oriental texture. Significant impulses come from his clarinet partner Saman Alias ​​on "2gether" Deeply felt solos that do not aim for virtuosity crown the imaginative compositions.”

Jazz Thing May 2024

“Maqam music of the Middle East with jazzy elements creates a touching fusion, a world music jewel that serves as a sonic symbol of the connection between two worlds.”

Good Times Magazine, Germany, april 2024


“Incredibly beautiful melodies in several songs, which are often noticeably quiet."


Lira Sweden, April 2024

Stage Line-up:

Yinon Muallem: Oud, Percussion, Vocal

Saman Alias: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

Daniel Karlsson\Joel lyssarides: Piano

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 22.23.30.png

The vision of Composer, Oudist, and Percussion master Yinon Muallem was to unite cultures and blend various music genres on the same stage, thus giving birth to the Bridges project. Four masters came together to perform this magical project. Kemanche master Derya Turkan, known for his collaborations with Ranuard Garcia Fones and many others, joined Yossi Arnheim, the principal flutist of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, along with Jazz Pianist Tulug Tirpan, who has played with the legendary Trilok Gurtu.

The fusion of Jazz, Mediterranean Maqam, and classical music creates an exceptional and emotionally resonant blend - Bridges.

Stage Line-up:

Yinon Muallem: Oud, Percussion, Vocals

Derya Turkan: Turkish Kemanche

Tulug Tirpan: Piano

Yossi Arnheim: Flute


Norwegian Oud chosen as “Top Of The World” album for the Songlines #171 edition, Sep. 3rd 2021

Norwegian Oud is an attribute of Yinon Muallem and pianist Eyal Lovett to the famous Beatles song “Norwegian Wood”, and it is a part of Yinon Muallem’s new album. Yinon and his quartet started to recording it during March 2020, just a few weeks after the Covid pandemic began to spread in Europe (including Turkey). This versatile ethnic, jazz and world music work album is based on Yinon Muallem's quartet but it features also guest musicians from different parts of the globe.


In this new work, similarly to his latest album “Back Home”, which won various awards and is highly regarded  internationally, Muallem strives to combine the “Maqam” music of the Mediterranean with sounds and harmonies of jazz.

Back Home.png

After having been immersed in the Middle Eastern musical forms, `maqam` music of the Ottoman times and the traditional Jewish music of his own roots, Yinon Muallem is now setting a new destination in his musical journey by combining his broad musical spread with jazz, creating an ethno-jazz project called "Back Home".


"Back Home" is the initial project of Yinon Muallem's quintet, in which Muallem tries to remain optimistic in an unpromising geography, the Middle East, and continues to follow the dim light for peace. With his ability to tell stories through his music, he shares an array of feelings - warmth, strength, sadness and frustration.  "Back Home" is also a cover of Lou Reed's well-known `Perfect Day`, whom Yinon admired in his youth.

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