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"The Israeli-born Iraqi oud player YINON MUALLEM has created an equally exciting oriental texture. Significant impulses on “2gether” (Suznak Records/Galileo MC) come from his clarinet partner Saman Alias, band musicians on bass, percussion and piano ensure flow. In these quiet tracks, Muallem tells the story of his family who emigrated from Baghdad, sometimes including Turkish traditionals or an English text. Deep-felt solos that don't focus on virtuosity crown the imaginative compositions."

Jazz thing, May 2024

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Norwegian Oud chosen as “Top Of The World” album for the Songlines #171 edition, Sep. 3rd 2021

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"Yinon Muallem, oud maestro of Israeli origin and with cultural imprint from Istanbul is one of the key figures in  Oriental Jazz."

— Ralf Deckert & Stefan Franzen, Jazz thing, May 2021

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“Anyone wishing hear what happen when you break down barriers should listen to the music of Yinon Muallem.”

—Tom Newell, Songlines

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